Film Dùthchais as Fheàrr

‘Dùthchas’ is a special Gaelic concept – heritage, culture, landscape, nature, wildlife, the natural world… Almost impossible to translate!

This is a fresh take on documentary making and creative filmmaking and we’re asking people to explore in new, exciting and challenging ways the connection between the environment and the people who know it so well.

From fishermen who can rival the Met Office with their forecasting skills, to crofters whose intricate knowledge of their land enables them to protect it, to the next generation getting to grips with traditions whilst making the most of new developments, we would love to see key community characters featuring in this year’s entries.

This could also be an opportunity to follow wildlife, look at place names and the stories behind them, or indeed indigenous plants and their special properties. If you think you have an idea, and would like some advice, don’t hesitate to drop us an email