Film-making fun at the museum

This week FilmG organised a documentary and camera workshop for staff of the Museum of the Isles in Stornoway. The Museum team have been extremely busy recently with the new museum refurbishment and were looking for some respite after all their hard work. They therefore asked FilmG for some help to put together a fun and useful day, which ultimately will help museum staff make films relating to the museum archives with local communities.

In the morning Elly Welch and Seumas MacTaggart from MacTV delivered very stimulating documentary-making workshop where they looked and critiqued documentary films from the FilmG archive. They then went on to discuss the team’s own ideas and how they could develop these into short films.


In the afternoon, Alasdair MacLean from the BBC, dealt with the more technical aspects of making a film whilst showing them how to use camera and sound equipment.

Museum Development Officer, Caitriona MacCuish said:

“We had a great day; Elly, Seumas and Alasdair were so professional and fun and we’re all feeling very enthusiastic about making films, many thanks to the FilmG team for organising this for us.”

We wish the museum team all the best with their future projects and look forward to seeing some entries from them in January!