FilmG heads to Benbecula with Highland Vlogger

Star of BBC The Social, Calum MacLean, will be joining Eilidh this weekend at Eilean Dorcha Festival to share his experience with festival-goers.

Calum has loads of experience in front of camera as well as technical skills, working as a reporter for the BBC as well as being one of BBC the Social’s best-loved vloggers – one wild-swimming video got nearly 1 and a half million views on Facebook!

Be sure to pop into the Film Tent - which FilmG will be sharing with UistFilm as they prepare a promo film for the Festival with a group of lucky 16-25 year olds – to have some fun in front of camera, get some expert tips from Calum, or just to watch some brilliant films from years gone by. Lots of familiar faces to be seen too!