FilmG has been launched for the eleventh year with the announcement of this year’s competition theme, ‘Ann am Priobadh na Sùla’ (In the Blink of an Eye).

Since its launch in 2008, FilmG has encouraged teenagers, school groups, community groups, students and aspiring filmmakers to pick up their cameras/mobile phones and explore their creative talents in conjunction with the use of the Gaelic. FilmG entrants are asked to make short films of up to five minutes in the language and with a prize fund of £10,000 the cream of the crop are richly rewarded.

This week, competition organisers used social media to get word out by running a mini-competition which asked users to try and guess this year’s theme. This involved releasing three videos across their social media platforms which interpreted the theme in a variety of ways.

With a staggering 153 guesses, and many schools getting involved, the first person to guess the well-known Gaelic phrase was Elissa, a Gaelic learner at Milburn Academy, who took home a cool Sugr Bluetooth speaker for her efforts.

FilmG Project Manager, Floraidh Forrest said:

“We continue to try and make FilmG as attractive to young Gaelic speakers as possible which is why we try to use social media to its full potential. This is the first year we’ve made videos to promote the competition theme and we’ve had a great response from our followers.”

The videos will also be used to promote the FilmG theme in schools across Scotland where FilmG will be delivering workshops after the summer holidays. But organisers would really like to get more community groups and aspiring filmmakers filming over the summer, before the weather turns and the light disappears. Floraidh continued:

“Although we launch the competition in the summer, people often leave it until near the closing date to actually shoot their films, which can be extremely challenging in November and December! If you are thinking about making a film, get in touch now and we can provide support where we can, and of course encourage you to get started sooner!”

MG ALBA who fund the competition are this year keen to get young people already working in the industry involved, Director of Strategy and Partnership at MG ALBA, Iseabail Mactaggart said:

“When FilmG was created in 2008, the hope was that it would provide a new opportunity for the use of Gaelic in the creative industries, but I think the success of the competition has gone well beyond initial expectations and it now become well established in the Gaelic education sector with a dramatic increase in entries last year. This year we’d also like to see the number of students and young people already working in the industry keen to showcase their talents increase and with the range of prizes on offer, it is an opportunity not to be missed.”

Prizes include, £1,000 for the Best Student Film, £2,500 for the Best Industry Director (aged 30 or under) and a placement with a production company in the Highlands and Islands. The competition closes for entries on the Friday 7 December and more information is available of the FilmG website, or via social media.